• What is FIZIKA?

    What is FIZIKA? FIZIKA is a 3 round based free annual competition meant for individuals at any stage that consists of the creative application of high school physics concepts. We aim to introduce learners to some unconventional applications of theory, hone up their problem-solving aptitude and expand their critical thinking, which in turn will make them better problem solvers. Furthermore, We love sharing some exciting problems with learners.

    Information Brochure

  • Format Round-1

            10 Questions

            30 minutes of time

            Objective Questions

            Round 1 Question Paper: Click here

  • Format Round-2

            16 Questions

            60 minutes of time

            Objective Questions

            Eligibility: Open, anyone is free to participate.

            66$ worth Prizes to top 200 of this round.

            Round 2 Question Paper: Click here

  • Format Round-3

            6 questions

            3 hours of time

            Subjective Questions

            Eligibility: Top 50 participants established based on round-1 & round-2. The final score calculation would be 10% from round-1 +90% from round-2. In case of identical marks, preference would be given to a person who solved a relatively tough problem.

            Round 3 Question Paper: Click here

  • Results 2021

    Stage 1

    Stage 2

  • Prizes

    • Prizes worth 15000$+



      GRAMOLY is a non-profit organization, rather, a vision, which seeks to bring about a change in the way STEM subjects are imparted to the general public. We wish to build up a community that will rally for this cause and ultimately is one of the mediums through which STEM education is revolutionized around the globe. From exceptional lectures, hand-outs to seminars, and excellent quality content, we will provide it all, free of cost, to everyone.



    • Collaborators

    • Indian School of Physics

      Indian School of Physics, run by Nitin Sachan sir (an IIT-Madras Alum, a top-notch physics teacher and a passionate physics lover), makes intriguing physics videos focusing on challenging problems and creative solutions. He also makes videos on topics which is generally not taught in school but are helpful in problem-solving. His videos are beneficial for students preparing for competitive exams and olympiads or problem-solving enthusiasts in general.


    • Physics Sir JEE Janardhan

      Physics Sir JEE run by Janardanudu Thallaparthi also known as Janardhan sir (an AIR-251 in JEE, an IIT-M alum, and a passionate physics teacher for the past 14 years) makes videos on intriguing physics challenges and concepts for pre-college students which is highly beneficial for students appearing in JEE or Physics olympiads.


    • Committee

    • Badal Panchani

      Badal is a high-school senior from India. He is the developer and main event organizer of FIZIKA. He is an administrator at GRAM. In his free time, you can find him noodling around on the guitar or cooking food.


    • Hemansh Shah

      Hemansh Shah is a 2nd-year Undergrad at IISc who is planning to major in Physics. He is equally passionate about other subjects as well and is known for his late-night experiments. He also happens to be a Silver medalist in IOAA. He always wondered about deep questions like why this universe exists, how do everything works, etc.


    • Abhiram Cherukupalli

      Abhiram is a high-school senior from India. He is main problem proposer and committee member of FIZIKA He is a researcher, Interested in Olympiads and Programming and an IIT JEE Aspirant.


    Problem Proposers

    • Abhiram Cherukupalli

    • Aditya

    • AKIII

    • Atharva Nilesh Mahajan

    • Atharv Shivram Mahajan

    • Harshit Gupta

    • Hemansh Shah

    • Janardanudu Thallaparthi

    • Muhammed Yaseen

    • Nimarjeet Bajwa

    • Nitin Sachan

    • Samar Yadav

    • Tarpan Ghosh


    • Aayush Anand

      • Aditya Singh

      • Arhaan Ahmad

      • Badal Panchani

        • Yash Bughani